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Newschool Nomads

In 2011, Jenn and Brent Nims sold their house, bought an RV, and hit the road with their family. What started as a one-year road trip around the country, has turned into an indefinite journey to explore and connect. Now, their AWAY is their home.

Stefaan and Sarah

Troubled by the fact that two weeks of vacation wasn’t nearly enough to see this beautiful world, Stefaan and Sarah saved up and set out on an adventure to explore. Their photos started out as a way to let their parents know they were doing okay out there, but now they serve as an inspiration to the world.

Operation Family Time

This busy California family of four loves to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life by exploring the grandeur of the great outdoors. Acknowledging that sometimes they have to venture away to get close, they are all in for adventure – and along the way, they’ve found that it’s the shared moments that matter most.

Just 5 More Minutes

Together with her husband and young son, Monica Bennett seeks out nonstop RVing adventures and culinary discoveries in the Pacific Northwest. Her travels on the road inspire her work as a photographer and writer for her blog, “Just 5 More Minutes,” where she shares her passion for cooking in her RV, demonstrates creative DIY crafting projects, and writes about mastering the art of RVing domesticity. The RVing lifestyle is Monica’s escape from her 9-5 as a graphic designer in busy corporate America.

A Family Unplugged

2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = unbeatable fun! Put two parents, two high-energy kids, and two crazy dogs into one RV for their first road trip, and a whole lot of other family firsts begin. Together, they discover that every day can be a new adventure.

Justin and Jasmine

Two stylists from two different parts of the world met and fell in love. Together, they travel hand in hand, stopping in out-of-the-way places and frequenting quaint thrift shops where they breathe new life into vintage finds that reflect the uniqueness of who they are.

The Brumbelows

With two working parents and two busy boys, the Brumbelows are always looking for new ways to carve out precious family time. As Seasonal Campers (which means they keep their RV set up, stocked up, and ready at a nearby campground), they can get away at a moment’s notice to start making memories for a lifetime.

Dawn And William

Time-starved young professionals with an appetite for adventure, Dawn and William trade hectic city life for wide open spaces whenever they get the chance. With their RV, dogs, bikes, and boards in tow, they’re off to discover new adventures, one weekend at a time.

The Martinez Family

As second-generation RVers, this family thrives on fresh air, long weekends, and new experiences – from wrestling gators to deep-sea fishing. Always restless to escape the rigors of school and work, they use their travel trailer to ditch the schedules and reconnect with nature and each other, whenever and however they can.

The Sims

The Sims have six children (ages 3 to 17), a career history with the NFL, and a dream to show their kids every possible mile of America. As they travel the country – soaking up the scenery and every (history, science, math, and reading) lesson along the way – they’re determined to share life experiences, recruit more friends and followers to the RV lifestyle, and embrace the simple joys found on the road of life.

Our One Chance

Upon learning of their youngest daughter’s severe food allergies, Jennifer and Jerome Braga knew that traditional life, traditional social activities, and traditional travel were going to be out of the question. So in 2013, they purchased their first travel trailer and set out to make the most of their “one chance” to experience quality family time in a food-safe, allergy-free environment. After their first year, the Bragas fully caught the RVing bug and purchased a new 28-foot travel trailer equipped with the ideal kitchen to support their dietary needs. Now, as they pursue business and school from the road, the entire family loves everything about the RV life – from picking out where to go to pitching in to set up camp in their (newest) 42-foot Fifth Wheel.

Brody Leven

If it’s possible to be a professional adventurer, Brody Leven is it. Mountains and volcanoes are his playground – if he’s not climbing up one, he’s skiing down another. Brody is also an avid transcontinental cyclist and ultra-marathon runner. And he’s just as passionate about his beliefs: He’s never eaten meat, and he visits Congress every year to discuss climate change and ways to preserve the planet he loves to explore.

Jamie O’Brien

Hawaiian-born free-surfer Jamie O’Brien’s philosophy: “Live life day by day, smile, and enjoy the ride.” Jamie travels the world chasing epic waves, not titles – though he has earned more than a few, including the win as one of the youngest competitors at the 2004 Pipeline Masters. He’s appeared in surf films and currently stars in his own popular YouTube series, “Who is JOB.”

You Only Live Once

When five young friends need a little break from professional life, they head uptown for a little down time and find an RV makes the experience complete. Follow along as they explore the city, relax, and head to the park to enjoy a summer concert.

Girl Campers

What’s a girl to do when she wants to Go RVing, but her husband is more of a homebody? Hitch up with other RV-loving women who like to ‘go places and do things,’ traveling around the country looking for new adventures. These girl campers learn from each other, cook with each other, and share their favorite things. No matter where they meet, their RVs are an escape from the stresses of life and a chance to take a little time for themselves. (And it doesn’t hurt that they’re all fabulously decorated.) Interested in RVing, but need a group of gals to help you get started? Janine Pettit and the Girl Campers are here!


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