When a sport becomes your life and your passion, it becomes who you are in a lot of ways.
Mickey’s Favorite Places to Slackline and RV

Moab, Utah

Where: Everywhere
Why: Incredible cliffs and rock formations for highlining
Gear: Highline gear like climbing harnesses, strong rope, and carabiners to safely secure the slackline to the rock, and, of course, a slackline to walk and trick on.

Denver, CO

Where: Progresh gym
Why: I get to try ridiculous flips over a safe airbag
Gear: GIBBON trickline slackline setup

Santa Monica, CA

Where: Original Muscle Beach
Why: There’s a permanent slackline park with poles cemented into the ground. It’s all over sand on the beach, so it’s a really fun place to slackline – with a lot of cool people!
Gear: None

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