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Sitting in the trailer with the windows open, laying in bed, flipping through a magazine? I would never do that at home.
Girl Camper Table‑Setting Tips from Janine
  • When I arrive at a campground, I always take my small broom and dust off the underside of the picnic table. I don’t want any spider webs on my legs!

  • I use old sheets from thrift shops as tablecloths. They’re inexpensive and easily replaced if they get stained. I tend to layer them for added color and fun.

  • I have a set of bench covers I made from an old cutter quilt that I put on the seats so I don’t get splinters.

  • I use thrift-store brass candlesticks to hold solar lights that I bought at a home supply store. They soak up the sun all day and make the most beautiful light pattern on the table at night.

  • I take whatever empty can I have from whatever I was cooking and use it as a vase for wildflowers on the table. Simple, simple, simple, but so pretty.

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