Having a home on wheels that you can tow around is not only convenient, it’s really fun.
Outdoor Advice from Wylder’s CEO Lindsey Elliot

There are endless ways to enjoy spending time outside. And guess what – everyone’s individual approach is valid and they deserve to relish in our public lands. Here are our five tips for living your best life outdoors no matter what you love to do!

GO AT YOUR OWN PACE. If you’re tackling a new outdoor activity, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t forget that you can always go back to your own speed and comfort level by communicating your needs with your fellow adventurers.

BE A BEGINNER. Sure, there are seasoned alpinists roaming around, but most likely your peers are trying to figure out what they’re doing outside. It’s perfectly okay for you to be too.
Everyone starts somewhere; don’t be afraid to try new things and be a beginner on the trail.

CALL IT HOME. The best way to feel at home in the outdoors is to treat it like home. Clean up after yourself, pick up after others when needed, become a steward, and get educated by groups like Outdoor Alliance about how you can protect the wild places you love.

BRANCH OUT. We all enjoy recreation in unique ways, yet we love the same things about it: the space, the fresh air, the beauty, and reconnecting with nature. Rather than forming insular groups based on the activities you love, branch out and talk to the folks who are doing things differently from you. I bet you a beer you’ll find joy in getting to know new outdoor communities.

MONEY DOESN’T MATTER. It’s important to have the proper equipment for life in the elements. However, don’t forget that just 40 years ago we were conquering peaks in cutoff jeans and wool sweaters. Don’t let the price tag of fancy outdoor gear keep you from exploring. Be prepared and educate yourself about what your environment calls for, and don’t be afraid to hit up a thrift store to make it happen.

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