It’s easy to tell where our trailer is parked because you’re going to smell good food coming from it every day.
Capturing the Best Selfies

Bringing technology along for the ride is a good thing. It’s a great way to capture the moments and memories you make while RVing. Everyone always asks where the remote or hidden button is for so many of our selfies and videos. Well – we have a trick: It’s on our wrist!


  1. Set up your smartphone on a tripod in the position you want.
  2. Open the camera app on your smartphone, and choose a setting, like portrait mode or video.
  3. Open the camera app on your smart watch.
  4. Click the self-timer button (or the record button for video), and say cheese!

And just like that, you’ll have photos or videos to share with your family, friends, and social media community.

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