The RV is a much more comfortable way to travel. It’s really easy to figure out. I enjoy it a lot. It’s awesome.
Josh’s Grilling Tips

There’s nothing like grilling dinner by the RV after a fun day out on the beach. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned on the road:

  • I use a Traeger Grill, which is a wood-fired grill. I’m a big fan and think wood is wayyyy better than charcoal or gas.
  • The secret is in the smoke. By using different wood types like hickory, maple, and mesquite, you can alter the flavor to your liking.
  • Know your grill’s “hot spot.” Every grill is different and has a certain spot with higher heat intensity. Use this to your advantage when rotating, flipping, or searing meats.
  • I’m a big fan of cast-iron grilling; it’s a perfect all-around grilling option. It helps to get even sears and is great when adding vegetables to whatever I’m grilling.
  • When I’m grilling fish, I usually go the cast iron route because it perfectly retains flavor and prevents flaking.
  • Don’t forget about fruit: Peaches and pineapple caramelize deliciously when grilled.
  • Think outside the steak – there are so many things you can do on a grill. You can put s’more ingredients in foil and pop it on a grill, split a banana with chocolate inside and put it in foil on the grill, etc.

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