JJ’s Favorite Adventure Cat Gear


When you’re going on adventures or traveling with your cat, it is essential to bring a portable, collapsible litter box. I always carry one in the back of my RV for long drives that I can fold up and bring camping with us.


I hope I never need to use this, but having a GPS tracker zipped into the pocket of Simon’s harness when we go hiking gives me a ton of peace of mind. GPS trackers are small and light so your cat won’t notice it’s there. Some brands don’t even require a monthly or annual fee!


When Simon and I are out camping or hiking at night, having a light attached to the back of his harness helps me know exactly where he is at all times. And it doesn’t interfere with his line of sight. Most safety lights are now indestructible LEDs that clip on easily and last for hours before needing to be recharged.


You need to have fresh water for your cat when you are going on adventures, and a bottle/bowl combo like this one makes it super easy. The bottle and bowl are attached, so it’s a cinch to carry.
I make sure to stop often and give Simon time to drink so he can cool off in the shade, especially if it’s hot and sunny outside.

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