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How to take Instagram-worthy food photos


  1. When shooting food, make sure you have a good light source. Use natural light whenever possible.
  2. Natural light is best when it’s soft and diffused. Cloudy days are great. Or shoot by a window that isn’t lit directly by the sun.
  3. Try to avoid harsh shadows. Soft shadows are much more flattering.


  1. Keep backgrounds uncluttered and neutral so the focus remains on the food.
  2. Prop with elements that complement, not compete. A great overall rule of thumb? Keep it simple.
  3. Arrange the food in a pleasing way. Orderly and artful, but not perfect.
  4. Find the most appetizing angle for your shot: Position the camera above, below, directly on the side, and diagonally. (When in doubt, food always looks appealing when shot from above.)
  5. Or try a delicious close-up. Avoid the manual zoom and bring the camera closer to the food to sharpen your focus.


  1. Try portrait mode or selective focus. It automatically blurs the background of your shot, helping to bring out every delicious detail in the foreground.
  2. If your food is steaming or bubbling, go for a Boomerang!
  3. After you get your shot, adjust the crop and check the color. Add a filter to alter the light and color saturation until you decide what works best.

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