We get home by 5 or 6 on a Friday, get in the camper by 7, have a nice full day of adventuring, and make it back to the city by Saturday night.
Meet the Dogs


Age: 13

Favorite thing to do: Hide her food nuggets

Story: Nikko was rescued from a home where she was living with 44 other dogs at the time, so she doesn’t mind sharing space with her brother now.

Interesting fact: Nikko is an escape artist! She once unzipped herself from her pet carrier on a red-eye flight. The flight attendants had to go row by row waking people up and asking, “Is this your dog?” until they found us.


Age: 4

Favorite thing to do: Sit in sunbeams

Story: We found Jeremy at an outdoor Pearl Jam concert. It was such an odd coincidence to see a dog that looked like Nikko that we just had to adopt him!

Interesting fact: Jeremy’s name was misspelled as “Germy” on his microchip certificate. Since then, we have called him “Germ.”

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